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Fleas and Ticks are those pests that can remain in your home virtually unnoticed, yet spreading all kinds of bacteria and viruses, as well as causing itchiness in your pets.

Fleas are among the most difficult to spot with the naked eye, yet there are certain signs one can use to detect them. Are your pets constantly scratching themselves? Have you found a black-pepper type of residue in carpets, beds, or rugs? Do you notice any itchy bite marks on your skin? If so, you may have a flea infection in your home. Even though fleas don't have wings, they can jump long distances and spread quickly. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Ticks, on the other hand, are easier to spot but not without some close inspection. They are usually found near wooded or highly vegetated areas. They then latch on to a host (preferably livestock, deer, humans, or dogs) and feed of the blood. A tick's reproduction cycle-egg, larval, nymphal, and adult-generates many infants that consume blood throughout their entire development. Contact us if you or a loved one are carrying ticks.

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