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Winter Pests That Will Invade Your Arizona Home
winter-pest-that-will-invade-your-phoenix-arizona-home-this-winter Chandler az
Pest Control
15 Nov 2021

Phoenix Pest Looking For A Warm Place This Winter


You may think you can let your guard down now that you are seeing fewer insects and pests around your home with the cooler weather approaching. But don’t be fooled – many pests hibernate in winter to conserve their energy. They often seek out warm places in your home to spend the winter.

Which pests will invade your Chandler AZ home this season? Read on to be prepared!

4 Common Winter Pests In Phoenix, AZ

1. Termites

Termites go deep into the soil when it gets cold outside. They don’t seem to mind the cooler walls and foundation of your home because it’s not quite cold enough to prevent them from staying. If you have noticed evidence of termite infestation, don’t wait till spring. Contact a termite exterminator in Chandler, Gilbert and Phoenix, Arizona right away.

2. Ants

The cold weather does slow down ant activity, causing some to hibernate in trees or underground. Others are attracted to the warmth of your home, which means you could have an infestation on your hands even in cooler weather. Insecticide can take care of a few, but you’ll need the services of an ant exterminator in Phoeniz and Mesa for large populations.

3. Spiders

Spiders are the most common pest plaguing Arizona homes in winter. They spin their webs and make their homes in tiny crevices of your house, preferably in damp, dark places like your basement. Because some species bite and have a poisonous venom, get a professional consultation as to the type of spider infestation you have. The black widow spider and the Arizona brown spider are both common to this area and are both dangerous.

4. Rodents

Mice and rats will gather in your insulation, boxes of old clothing, and other cozy areas. They’ll make their nests, have their babies, chew through wires, and scrounge for food wherever they can find it. They also carry disease through their feces and urine. Poison and baited traps can work if you have one or two offenders, but the attention of an specialized rodent exterminator is necessary to properly eliminate large populations.

Phoenix Pest Management

If you live in Phoenix, Chandler AZ or surrounding areas, don’t relax your pest control management strategies just because winter is approaching. Be on the lookout for signs of infestation and give us a call if you have concerns.

Think You May Have A Pest Problem?

To prevent these unwanted pests from invading your home this winter - or to get rid of them if they already started - Contact at 480-550-9220 for a free pest management quote and complete pest inspection.

Winter Pest To Look For In Arizona

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