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Why Homeowners Dread Indoor Fleas and Ticks
Why homeowners dread indoor fleas and ticks Chandler az
Pest Control
15 April 2021

Why Homeowners Dread Indoor Fleas and Ticks

Homeowners, especially those that have four-legged family members, dread finding that they have a problem with indoor fleas and ticks. These pests can sometimes only be annoying with the scratchy reaction many get to flea bites, but they can also sometimes pass on some scary illnesses. Here are some tips to help your home steer clear of these pests.

  • Prevention can be crucial. Work to keep them away before they get in. Treat your pets with your choice of preventative, such as flea collars or medicine that goes on their back. Be aware of your surroundings, as well. If you like to hike or go to the park, wear long clothing to help prevent hitchhikers coming home with you. Also, you'll want to wash them after getting back.
  • Once you've discovered fleas and ticks in your home, you'll want to treat any surfaces they are on. Also, be sure to vacuum your floor as they can get into the cracks of wood floors or the fibers of carpets. Don't forget to treat your mattresses, blankets, pillows, and pet beds.
  • After the fleas are gone, you'll want to be sure that you start with preventative methods to keep them from coming back.

Getting rid of flea and ticks in your home can be difficult. You don't have to struggle alone. Give us a call to help you get your home back.

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