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Why Do Commercial Buildings Need Pest Control?
Why Do Commercial Buildings Need Pest Control? Chandler az
Pest Control
Oct 21, 2023

Business owners in Arizona Should Hire A Professional Pest Control Company

If you own a business here in Arizona, you know how fragile your reputation can be. If word gets out that your hotel has bed bugs or your restaurant has cockroaches, you could be finished. You may face fines by the health department and you may lose customers who hear on social media that your business is compromised by pests.

That’s why you need to have a proactive plan in place that keeps insects, vermin, and other critters out of your commercial building. In order to run a successful business, you need to make sure your building is safe, clean and pest-free. This is why it’s wise to create a plan for regular pest control in Gilbert AZ designed for commercial businesses.

Industries at Risk

While pests are never good for any type of business, small or large, they pose a particular risk to these industries.

Restaurants and Food Service

Bugs like such ants and cockroaches, rodents such as rats and mice, and even outdoor wildlife can invade your kitchens, food storage rooms, trash areas, and break rooms. Where there is a food source, that’s where they’ll be. If even one customer catches sight of a pest on the premises, they may call the local board of health at worst or leave a negative review at best, which will spread quickly to others. Staff and customers can even contract illnesses such as E.coli from cockroach infestations.

Hospitality and Lodging

In such a competitive market, you rely heavily on positive reviews to earn the business of your customers. But you never know what a patron will bring with them to any given room. Bed bug infestations are of particular concern.

Property Management and HOAs

Houses, condos and apartments give pests plenty of access to food, water, and shelter. They can even travel between walls of multi-unit buildings. Birds can perch on wires, gutters, and ledges. Flies and wasps can make themselves home in your landscaping. Pest control is vital in preventing tenant turnover.

Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, and Medical Buildings

Healthcare establishments pride themselves on being extremely sanitary places. Disease-ridden mice, rats, and cockroaches are unwelcome news, especially since they can spread dangerous illnesses such as salmonellosis.

Schools and Daycares

Pests can compromise the safety and wellbeing of children, posing stinging threats that can bring on allergic reactions.

As you can see, many industries are at a particular risk for pest invasion and detrimental consequences to health and safety.

The most common pests that invade Arizona businesses include:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Rodents
  • Termites

Importance of Regular Commercial Pest Control

As a business owner, you have a duty to protect your staff, customers and visitors as well as the building itself. Regular commercial pest control will help you:

1. Adhere to Industry Health and Safety Standards

2. Preserve Your Reputation

3. Prevent Financial Costs and Damages

Commercial Pest Control in Gilbert, AZ

A proactive approach to pest control will protect your investment in the long run. Simply Green Pest Control in Chandler & Gilbert can help. Ask us about our commercial preventive pest control plans today. Just contact us at 480-550-9220 for a free quote and inspection.

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