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What Do Mice Like to Eat?
What Do Mice Like to Eat? Chandler az
Pest Control
Sept 21, 2023

Rodents like mice will eat and chew through just about anything

House mice are the most common rodent homeowners in Arizona will come across. They make their nests out of whatever’s available, eat crumbs that have been left out, chew through electrical wires, leave urine and feces in your insulation, and generally cause a lot of property damage. At the first sign of rodents in your home contact a specialized rodent exterminator in your area

They breed very quickly. Did you know that every three weeks, a single female mouse can birth up to six babies? All those fur babies can trigger attacks of allergies and asthma, due to the particles of droppings and urine that can circulate through the air.

They also eat all kinds of human foods. Translation: if you have mice in your house, they’ve been in your pantry and are eating your snacks! Here’s what you should know about their eating habits and how you can prevent them from taking up residence in your house.

And as always, it’s best to consult with a rodent exterminator in Mesa AZ first before attempting to eradicate a family of mice from your house.

Mouse Food

House mice like simple foods such as seeds, nuts, and grains. No, folks, their favorite food isn’t cheese contrary to popular opinion! But they will eat it if it’s there! Basically, they will eat anything that smells good to them, so from crumbs to bread to scraps in your trash, nothing is off limits for rodents. They usually feed at dusk and dawn.

While they technically don’t eat non-food items, they do chew through wiring, bedding, clothing, boxes, paper, and insulation to prepare their nests and get comfortable. They can do a lot of damage to your home, especially during the cold months when they’re hunkering down for the winter.

They may also hide in your car’s engine, in outside HVAC units, and in lawn mowers just to stay warm and raise their young. Along the way, they are introducing microbes and pathogens that are harmful to humans, like hantavirus, and can contaminate your food as they hunt around for something good to eat.

Signs of a Mouse Infestation

Here are the most common signs of a mouse infestation:

  • Damaged or broken food containers featuring gnaw marks
  • Food scraps with nibble marks
  • Small bits of feces in the shape of a rod
  • Electrical damage due to chewing
  • Oily rubbing marks on walls
  • Four- or five-toed foot prints on your floor

Rodent Prevention

If you suspect you have a house mouse problem, try setting out baited traps of peanut butter and other sticky or sweet-smelling substances. This may only work for a couple of mice but you will need a lot more help from an rodent exterminator in Chandler AZ if you have a large family of mice living in your home.

Make sure you engage in preventative maintenance tasks around the home. Sweep the floor every day. Clean the table and countertop of crumbs, and properly store leftovers.

Even with all these preventive measures, you will likely still be left with a mouse infestation. To prevent illness and calm your pest anxiety, you need a trusted exterminator to quickly get rid of your mouse issue.

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