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The Best Way to Address a Cockroach Infestation
The Best Way to Address a Cockroach Infestation Mesa az
Pest Control
March 25, 2024

Eliminating Cockroach Infestations: Expert Extermination Strategies in Phoenix AZ

Cockroaches have a nasty reputation, and for good reason. They’re ugly, resourceful, unclean, and can spread disease. No one wants to share a home with these critters, which is why addressing a cockroach infestation early on is key. These bugs are notorious for being extremely difficult to get rid of. Partnering with a dependable cockroach exterminator in Tempe AZ is key.

Many people associate cockroaches with dirty homes; this is true to an extent, as these insects thrive amidst unsanitary conditions. However, excess moisture in dark areas will also attract them and welcome them to set up shop.

How Do You Know You Have a Cockroach Infestation?

Cockroaches prefer to be active at night when everyone’s in bed. That’s why you may not be aware you even have a problem at first because it’s unlikely you’ll spot an actual bug. However, cockroaches leave behind plenty of signs of their existence, such as:

  • Black specks (feces)
  • Shed skins as part of molting
  • Egg pouches that they lay
  • Musky, damp odor
  • Smear marks (they leave these as they move through damp corners)
  • Floating cockroach bodies in standing water, like such as sinks, pet bowls, or the dishwasher
  • Movement along the floor when a light is turned on suddenly at night

If you have noticed some of these signs but aren’t sure if you have an infestation on your hands, call your local reliable cockroach exterminator in Mesa, Chnadler, Gilberts and the Phoenix, AZ area.

Cockroaches: Do They Pose a Danger?

While cockroaches can certainly set their sights on homes with unsanitary conditions, they also have no problem invading clean homes, provided other desirable conditions are present. Cockroaches like areas of excessive dampness, such as around sinks and leaky pipes. If the leak is located near cardboard or paper, this is even better for them.

Cockroaches are dangerous because they spread disease, crawling through unsanitary environments filled with bacteria and then spreading these contaminants throughout the home. If they get access to your food containers, they will contaminate your food. Roach sheddings and droppings may even trigger asthma attacks, and they can transmit diseases such as listeriosis and salmonellosis.

5 Cockroach Prevention Tips

Check out these top cockroach prevention tips for your home:

  1. Keep the house as clean as possible.
  2. Clean up food or beverage spills immediately.
  3. Do not leave dirty dishes or standing water in the sink.
  4. Fix any areas with leaky pipes.
  5. Discard damp cardboard or paper immediately.

Take all these precautions to keep cockroach infestation at bay. It’s much easier to prevent them than to deal with an outbreak once it happens.

Phoenix Cockroach Specialist

If you have a cockroach infestation in your home or business, don’t waste any time because the situation will only get worse. Call our Phoenix, CHandler, Gilbert and Mesa pest control technicians now at 480-550-9220 for a free quote and inspection for fast-acting solutions to your stubborn cockroach problem.

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