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mosquito-control treatment Phoenix, AZ
Mosquito Traps: An Effective Pest Control Method
Mosquito Traps: An Effective Pest Control Method Chandler az
Pest Control
Jan 25, 2024

Mosquito Traps in Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert and Tempe: Your Best Defense Against Zika and Other Viruses

If you have an excessive amount of mosquitoes in your yard, you may wonder what the most effective method is for reducing or eliminating them. You may have tried all those other methods, such as bug spray or citronella candles, all to no avail. We have a better solution.

Here at Simply Green Pest Control, we rely on In2Care Mosquito Traps, the most effective method of eradicating mosquitos from your Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert and Tempe yard. It’s time to take more aggressive action now that the Zika Virus is confirmed to be here in Maricopa County. Common Zika symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain, headache, red eyes, and muscle pain.

Professional mosquito treatments are the only surefire way of preventing these disease-carrying pests from setting up shop on your property and threatening your family and guests.

A Look at Our Process

Prior to treating your property, our Mesa mosquito control experts will visit your home for a thorough inspection. We’re on the lookout for hot spots that are attractive to mosquitoes for feeding, breeding, and more. Once we know this information, we can better formulate a customized plan to treat these landing and breeding sites.

In2Care Mosquito Traps are a proven mosquito control solution that can protect your family from diseases spread by the bite of mosquitoes. When mosquitoes land on these traps, they become exposed to two active ingredients: a biological fungus and a growth regulator as part of a slow-killing larvicide. When the mosquito leaves the trap and flies back to its breeding site, it spreads the solution to all the other mosquitoes.

The growth regulator component prevents mosquito larvae from developing, while the biological fungus component prevents the mosquito from transmitting diseases. These professional-grade traps will be strategically placed by our experts around your yard for best results.

A Look at In2Care Mosquito Traps

Dangerous viruses such as Zika, Yellow Fever, and Dengue tend to spread at a very fast pace. Their vector, the Aedes mosquito, will divide its eggs over many small, difficult-to-find breeding sites. The worst part is that it is resistant to chemical insecticides. Because traditional insecticide sprays won’t work on this species, we use the In2Care Mosquito Trap instead, which is designed specifically for this type of bug.

It’s most effective at attracting and killing Aedes mosquitoes with green ingredients that can eradicate both larvae and adults.

Contact Simply Green Pest Control

Before summer hits, let us take preventive mosquito control measures to ensure your yard remains pest-free for your barbecues. Call our Tempe pest control technicians now at 480-550-9220 for a free quote on our complete moquito control plan with In2Care Mosquito Traps.

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