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The Lifecycle of a Cockroach
The Lifecycle of a Cockroach Chandler az
Pest Control
15 Feb 2022

6 Steps In Cockroach Lifecycle

Cockroaches reproduce very fast – just like many other insects (think: termites, ants and bed bugs). That’s why you never want to have cockroaches in your home or business because they can take over the area in an extremely short period of time. Problem is, they’re tough to kill with traditional methods, and the stuff you buy at the store isn’t likely to make much of a difference.

Cockroaches are resilient. They’re even thought to be able to survive a nuclear blast! This gives you a good idea of hard they are to kill. So, your best bet is to turn to professional pest control in Chandler AZ.

Another reason they’re hard to kill is because they’re hard to detect in the first place. They prefer hiding in dark nooks and crannies and only come out at night. Knowing how the life cycle of a cockroach works can help.

Cockroach Mating

Male cockroaches put on a show for females by flapping their wings, exposing their abdomens, and taking gentle nibbles at them. Once the mating ritual has taken place, the female produces an egg capsule or case (called an oothecal) that holds up to 40 eggs. Then, she retreats to a dark, secluded space and glues this capsule to a surface with her saliva. This is where the eggs will incubate.

How many babies each cockroach will lay depends on species:

  • German cockroaches: They lay between 20 and 40 eggs at a time, and the incubation period is 28 days. Each female can lay 200 young over her lifespan, laying between four and five egg cases before she dies.
  • American cockroaches: They lay 16 eggs at once, and the incubation period is a bit longer, at about 44 days. But these females can lay up to 14 egg cases over their life span, which translates to more than 220 offspring.
  • Oriental cockroaches: They lay 16 eggs at once, and the incubation period is 60 days. They lay eight egg cases in their lifetime, with nearly 130 offspring.
  • Brown-banded cockroaches: They lay up to 18 eggs at one time, and the incubation period is between about 40 and 100 days, depending on surrounding temperature. Females lay 14 egg sacs during their lifespan, producing 200 offspring.

Cockroach Maturity

Upon hatching, the nymphs start growing -- rapidly. They go through a lot of developmental stages (AKA instars) before they become adults. With each stage, they will shed their exoskeletons. You can spot immature cockroaches by their white or cream-colored appearance. When matured, they will be black, brown, or gray in color.

  • German cockroaches molt six to seven times prior to maturity, taking about 100 days.
  • American cockroaches molt 10 to 13 times prior to maturity, taking about 600 days.
  • Oriental cockroaches molt seven to 10 times prior to maturity, taking nearly 600 days.
  • Brown-banded cockroaches molt between six and eight times prior to maturity, lasting about 275 days.

Cockroach Lifespan

Adult female cockroaches have a longer lifespan than adult males, but this will depend on the species.

  • Adult German cockroaches: Both males and females live about 200 days.
  • Adult American cockroaches: Males live about 360 days, while females live 700 days.
  • Adult Oriental cockroaches: Males live 160 days and females live 180 days.
  • Adult Brown-banded cockroaches: Both males and females live for about 206 days.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are resilient and aren’t easy to kill on your own. This is why calling a professional is your best bet. The longer you live with cockroaches, the higher your risk of contracting disease.

Think You Have Cockroach Infestation?

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