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How to Remove Ticks From a Dog
How to Remove Ticks From a Dog Chandler az
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15 Apr 2023

How to Remove Ticks From a Dog

Tick season is coming up and with it comes the likelihood that your pets will have to be checked for these blood-sucking insects every day that they go outside. If left undisturbed, ticks can stay latched onto Fido for a couple days. Adult ticks are most active in spring and fall, and can stay attached for up to 10 days! The longer a tick stays on your dog, the more likely it is that it will transmit a disease-causing bacteria or virus.

When it comes to removing ticks, sooner is better. If you have been noticing a lot of ticks on your dog, call a Gilbert AZ exterminator and right away.

Checking Your Dog For Ticks

The termite CDC says you should check your pets for ticks every single day. Once you get into the habit, it doesn’t take long. Gently move your hand through the fur, checking for small bumps. If you feel something, part the fur to get a better look.

Look for small, dark-colored dots or skin tags, then take a closer look: do you see a hard, oval-shaped body and legs? This is a tick. Common places where ticks typically attach include:

  • Inside and around the ears
  • Under the collar
  • Between the toes or legs
  • Around the tail
  • On the eyelids

If you find a tick, stay calm. If you have been checking your dog every day, this is likely a brand new attachment and there hasn’t been enough time to transmit disease. You need to remove it right away. You will need:

  • Tweezers
  • Gloves
  • Rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes
  • Plastic bag or container in which to put the tick

Grab the Tick’s Head

Use fine-tipped tweezers for removal, not your bare hands. Get a good grip on the back of the head close to the skin. Squeezing the body of an engorged tick can push infected fluid back into your pet’s body.

Pull the Tick Out

Pull the tick straight upward with even, steady pressure. Do not yank or twist it, which can cause some of the mouthparts to break off. Don’t stress if some mouthparts remain in the skin. They will come out on their own in a day or two.

Disinfect the Wound

Clean the area with soap and water, and swab some witch hazel or rubbing alcohol on it.

Dispose of the Tick

Instead of crushing or killing the tick, place it in a plastic bag for a few days. If your dog starts showing symptoms such as fever, vomiting, swelling, diarrhea, or any unusual behavior, bring the bagged tick to the veterinarian.

To prevent future tick bites, pick up some special shampoo that contains flea and tick-repelling ingredients such as permethrin or pyrethrin. You can also use sprays and tick collars for long-term protection. There are also chewable tablets or pills you can give your dog to preventatively kill ticks that bite your dog.

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If you have been spotting more and more ticks on your dog, contact us at 480-550-9220 for a free quote and inspection on tick treatment in Chandler & Gilbert, Arizona areas.

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