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How to Manage Scorpions Around Your Home
Pest Control
15 June 2021

Arizona Scorpion Problems

Finding a scorpion in your home is one of the more terrifying aspects of homeownership. But don't face it alone — our experts have a wide range of skills and methods for handling scorpion infestations in your house.
Here's are the first steps for dealing with scorpions in your home.

Remove dark nesting spots

Scorpions hide under rocks, in shoes, in block walls, and anywhere near a water source. They also typically stay put during the day and become active at night, making a sighting especially shocking. Reduce the clutter inside your home to limit the number of possible nesting spaces. You can do the same in your yard by getting rid of woodpiles and rocks

Seal off your home

By applying caulk to any cracks or small openings in your home, you are reducing the chances that a scorpion will enter your home. These little guys are sneaky and can get in through small openings, so if you're unsure, a local professional can spot the problem areas and seal them for you.

Call in the Scorpion Professionals

If you spot a scorpion in your home, it may mean that there is already a nest in place. These pests are difficult to get rid of once they move in. Your local expert can help you identify the best eradication methods and make sure your home is safe for you and your family

Contact our knowledgeable scorpion professionals today to learn more about how we can help.

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