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Do You Have a Wasp Nest in Your Yard?
Do You Have a Wasp Nest in Your Yard? Chandler az
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June 5, 2023

Wasp Become More Aggressive As Food Becomes Scarce in Summer

Wasps are never a welcome addition to your home and yard because they can become a nuisance very quickly—especially when you’re trying to play outside with the kids or throw a pool party with guests. If you’ve been noticing an increase in wasps in and around your home, you likely have a nest somewhere nearby. Those nests aren’t always easy to spot but if you spend some time trying to notice where the wasps are flying in and out of, you can spot the offending nest, typically under an eave or in a tree.

It helps to know how to properly and quickly identify a wasp nest. First off, always approach a wasp nest with extreme caution. They will defend their nest and will attack if they feel threatened. Proceed with caution even if you think the nest is abandoned. Always hire a asphalt pest control technician in Phoenix to deal with this potentially dangerous issue.

Wasp Nests: Appearance

The following stinging insects construct their nests in different ways. Check out these features and characteristics:

  • Yellowjackets. Their nests are made of a papery material and have a single opening. The inside can contain up to 100 tiers of cells. Yellowjackets also like to build underground nests that can get pretty large.
  • Paper wasps. These nests resemble upside-down umbrellas and are open. As such, they can get very big. They get their support from a single stalk and are comprised of a paper-like material.
  • Mud daubers. Made mostly of mud, these nests are small and tubular, resembling organ pipes. You’ll see them in cracks or crevices.
  • Bald-faced hornets. These nests are three feet off the ground at least, made of chewed wood fibers and saliva. They can grow as big as a football or basketball.

Wasp Nests: Location

Different wasp nests can be found in varying environments. Paper wasp nests are usually located beneath eaves, within attics and wall voids, and inside other types of enclosed areas. Yellowjackets like to live near the ground, under porches, and in hollow trees. Mud daubers prefer to set up shop in protected areas such as in garages, under eaves, inside attics, or on the side of your house. Bald-faced hornets make their nests in bushes, trees, and wooded areas.

Removing a Wasp Nest

You likely have a good sized nest nearby if you’ve been noticing large numbers of wasps flying to and from one area. You shouldn’t approach a nest on your own, due to the high chance you will anger the wasps and they will attack en masse. Certain species of wasps can sting you many times and get even more aggressive when they feel threatened. If you see a nest, stay away and call a pest control technician in Mesa.

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