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Benefits of Commercial Pest Control For Business Owners
Benefits of Commercial Pest Control For Business Owners Chandler az
Pest Control
Oct 17, 2022

Pest Control Service For Businesses

Owning a business certainly comes with its challenges. But when you first started the business, you probably overlooked one big concern that may have cropped up once operation started: pest control. Especially if you run a restaurant, bar, café, hotel or some other food-based or hospitality-based service industry, pests such as cockroaches and bed bugs can do a number on your operations and your reputation.

Coming up with a plan for regular pest control in Gilbert and Phoenix, AZ designed for commercial businesses is wise. You can’t take the chance that customers will spot pests such as mice. They may tell others and the word will quickly spread, especially when fueled by social media. You’ll probably face a visit from the health department, which can fine you or shut you down completely till the problem is remedied.

Why is Regular Commercial Pest Control Important?

There are many reasons why you need to incorporate regular pest control into your company. After all, you are a business owner who has a duty to protect staff, customers and visitors – not to mention the building itself, which was very likely a huge investment for you.

Regular commercial pest control helps your business:

  • Adhere to Industry Health and Safety Standards
  • Protect Your Bottom Line
  • Avoid Fines
  • Preserve Your Reputation
  • Prevent Financial Costs and Damages
  • Keep Your Staff, Customers and Building Safe

What Industries Are at Risk For Pest Infestation?

We can all probably agree that pests are not a good thing for any kind of business. However, they can be particularly threatening for a select few industries, such as:

1. Food Service

Outdoor wildlife such as deer, bugs such as ants and cockroaches, and rodents such as mice and rats can easily infiltrate your kitchens, dumpster areas, food storage rooms, and break rooms. They’ll sniff out the food sources no matter where they are, and then make themselves at home. Pests such as cockroaches, once they start breeding, can be very difficult to remove. If a pest like this is spotted, the local board of health could be called, a customer can leave a nasty review, and staff and customers could contract a serious illness such as E.coli.

2. Schools and Daycares

Pests compromise the safety and well-being of kids of all ages. Wasps can sting children and lead to allergic reactions, while mouse droppings can be touched and ingested, leading to health problems.

3. Hospitality and Lodging

This highly competitive industry relies heavily on positive reviews to retain and earn the business of customers – who have their choice of many establishments at which to lay their heads. One bad review or one pest infestation (such as bed bugs) can badly damage your reputation as lodgers go elsewhere.

4. Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Medical Buildings

While healthcare establishments such as hospitals and doctors’ offices are expected to be extremely sanitary places, that doesn’t mean disease-ridden mice and cockroaches can’t make their way into them. Because they spread dangerous illnesses (i.e.,) salmonellosis, you can see what a disaster this news would be within the medical industry.

5. Property Management and HOAs

Houses, apartments and condos owned or operated by multiple families can lead to many parties providing food, water, and shelter to pests – even if unwittingly. While one tenant may be extremely neat and clean, another may leave clutter and trash about. Pests in this environment don’t just stick to one unit – they often travel between walls of multi-unit buildings. Proper pest control is critical if you want to prevent tenant turnover.

Commercial Pest Control in Chandler AZ

A proactive approach to commercial pest control is essential. Here at Simply Green, we have many preventive pest control plans to tell you about, so contact us at 480-550-9220 for a free quote and inspection. FYI: The most common pests that tend to invade Arizona businesses include:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Rodents

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